National Cyber Challenge 2019

Fix the System!

November 19-20, 2019.

MEMO BUDAPEST, 73 Wesselényi Street

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Ever heard about Stuxnet?

Would you give a try to manage a cybersecurity crisis situation?

Are you interested in how Estonia, the world’s most digitalized country managed to recover after the 2007 cyberattack?

Strategic mindset, systemic approach, creative solutions – is that You?



Do you want to fix the system?


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National Cyeberchallange
What is all this?

The idea of the National Cyber Security Challenge was born in 2016 in Geneva with the general aim to create an event where talented young professionals that are keen on getting to know the world of cyber security better, can measure their competences within a complex, challenging framework.

In 2019, currently within the framework of the III. National Cyber Security Challenge, such young professionals will meet at a two-day event after the preliminary round in October, when teams of four, accompanied by a mentor will compete to get among the 10 teams that will participate in the Finals on November 19-20 in Budapest.

Our mission:

  • To foster cyber security awareness and interest in this professional field.
  • To broaden and deepen participants’ knowledge in various related fields.
  • To create an opportunity where participants can compete with young cyber security professionals throughout the country.
  • To offer a chance to show your talent and best skills to the representatives of leading IT and cyber security firms, your potential employers in the future.

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About the challange

Imagine, for a second, that the failure of some IT systems triggers the process of such events that eventually result in a grave catastrophe. Those present have only minutes to react before the media sounds the alarm and panic erupts. This is a real crisis situation. A team of experts, counsellors are needed for drafting alternative scenarios and action plans to tackle the situation in the best and fastest way possible! And your phone rings…

Decision makers expect you and your team to:
  • Immediately design an action plan that would be able to restore stability from this crisis situation.
  • Draft recommendations for handling and resolving the expected internal and foreign policy conflicts that may be born from this crisis.
  • Measure and assess the damage done and the resources necessary to restore full functioning.
  • Draft realistic scenarios for the authorities tasked with handling the situation.
  • Run successful communication with media.
  • Examine the situation from a legal perspective and identify those responsible for creating the crisis.
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Application deadline: 13th October 2019

This is your place!
Who should consider participating?

Join us, if:

  • You are interested in the challenges that experts need to face in the cyber realm.
  • You would like to foster your and your environment’s resilience to cyberattacks.
  • Abbreviations like IoT, GDPR, or DDoS, as well as expressions like PHISHING, HACKER and FORENSIC do not scare you away.
  • You have got the vibes to deepen your knowledge in the field of cybersecurity.
  • You would like to meet senior experts and would be interested in working in this field later on.

Whom will you meet?

  • Acknowledged cybersecurity experts from Hungary
  • Students and young professionals with a similar interest in cybersecurity
  • Representatives of cybersecurity firms acknowledges in Hungary and abroad as well
I am interested!
What is in it for you?


Who else will be able to claim the “You have saved the world”?


Think about what more could you achieve in the future if you are already putting on a great performance!


You can get a glimpse of what is going on behind the scenes among decision makers in a crisis situation. By relying on the practical experience that you gain it will become easier to choose your field of expertise or an area of specialization.


The presentation of the finalist teams will be observed by our professional partners who are looking for young talents and they support the teams with advice and counsel – or with an evaluation and sharing their experience. This is a great opportunity to introduce yourself!


The winning team can join the 2020 international competitition in!*

+ Valuable gifts for the runner-up and third place team.


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What you need to know

Participation in the challenge is FREE OF CHARGE. The teams qualifying for the Budapest Finals will receive an official Certificate from the organizers.

Any students currently enrolled in any institution of higher education can participate. It is not necessary that all members of the teams (of four students) attend the same university.

We strongly recommend that all teams recruit a mentor for supporting their preparations professionally.

The composition of the teams with regards to the members’ professional background is free to choose – however, the challenge will touch upon various fields, therefore members’ expertise in more than one field will be needed.

Catering will be provided for participants throughout the two-day event. In case of any special dietary requests please contact us at hello (at)

* For details please check the Rulebook.


About the organizers

Csiki Tamás

Csiki Tamás

Bederna Zsolt

Bederna Zsolt

Váczi Dániel

Váczi Dániel

Berzsenyi Dániel

Berzsenyi Dániel
Who are we?

We are four young professionals with a dedicated interest in cybersecurity, who strive to bring cybersecurity closer to the people by fostering awareness and deepening user knowledge through organizing high-profile professional events and providing such services. We believe that cybersecurity professionals must get to know members of the next generation of young professionals, who might be seeking a career in this field in the future, as soon as possible. Three of us have participated in international cyber security challenges throughout the past years and we rely on the experience that we have gained when we design the Hungarian event. Thus we contribute to highlighting current cybersecurity trends, as well as to spreading the knowledge and developing the skillset necessary to tackle current challenges to cybersecurity. We pursue PhD studies and this shared endeavor is believed to be an added value to the theoretical and practical education of young professionals in the field of cybersecurity. We deem National Cyber Security Challenge an outstanding contribution to fulfilling this complex task.


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